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Knit-Rite Balaclava Cranial Interface




Balaclava Cranial Interface

Cranial Protection

CoolMax®/Lycra® and X-STATIC® Silver Fiber with Lycra versions for use as an interface.  Designed for children wearing an orthosis to treat positional plagiocephaly and other head shape deformities.  Used to protect the skin and wick moisture away from the skin.  X-STATIC® guards against dermatitis.  If skin eruptions have occurred, changing interfaces two or three times a day and washing both head area and garments daily are helpful.  Stretch allows one size to fit heads of 3 to 18 month old infants.

4.25" Top, 3.5" Mid, 5.25" Neck, 7.5" Long

White Balaclava Cranial is made from Anti-microbial CoolMax/Nylon/Lycra

Grey Mullet Cranial is made from Polyester/X-STATIC/Lycra

Sold by each.


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